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Friday, June 1, 2012

"Philosophy in Life"

"Philosophy in Life"


"Golden Rules"
Bible and Confucios

"Do not do unto others you don't
want others do unto you"

"Philosophy in Sayings ( Rumors )"
My Idea

"A Drop of water for a Sea and Mountains"

The Bible and Confucius teachings were so much well discipline people for the Golden Rule Sayings.......
Read Wisdom in Bible and Jesus Christ Teachings in New Testament you will get a lot of knowledge and Philosophy.....

On my idea in Rumors sayings, this is a sickness of a person telling and making people bad and whatever bad purpose and a little things it will grow big, like from a drop of water it will get bigger in very mistakes from water to mountains or sea huhh!!!!......... 

If a person is bad there is proper room for him and making rumors is sickness creating bad to others and the one making rumors is the one they have make rumors for themselves but in my idea there is room for them for the good shall prevail.......

"Be knowledgeable"
Facing Society


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